Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy 2008!

Most important to me: I was cancer-free in 2007. For the rest of my life (which I hope is very long), it will never again be trivial or easy to ignore that a year passes with good health. There is something very comforting about an entire calendar year without cancer. Yay.

I just saw an online newspaper poll asking whether readers have broken their New Years resolutions yet. It made me realize that I don't have any New Years resolutions. I have Post-Cancer resolutions, and they are basically the same ones I've had since October 6, 2006 (my last day of treatment). But because the New Year is a fine time to reaffirm them, I'll list them here, in no particular order.

  • Remember to embrace relationships in my life. With Noah, with my parents, with extended family, with friends, with colleagues--life is a social experience. I will make choices that keep me connected, as much as possible.
  • Treat my physical body as something important and valuable. It's the vessel that carries me through this life. I tend to live in my head, and for most of my life I ignored or even resented my body. No more. I will make food choices that nourish and energize me; I'll focus on pleasure in food through nourishment, not indulgence; I will exercise regularly. When I am tempted to stay in and work rather than playing volleyball for a few hours, I will remember that exercise cuts cancer risk, and that my healthy body can more easily sit at the computer for hours, later, to work!
  • Work for the joy of work--for the questions I want to answer and the things I want to say. Don't get stressed by the headlong pursuit of tenure; instead, remember that I chose a career I'm passionate about, that I care enormously about the work I do, and that I am incredibly lucky and happy to have this job. When I work (even during those weeks when I'm working 12 hours a day, every day), I'll work in this spirit.
  • Stay in touch with the spiritual side of life. For my own spiritual practice, this means setting aside time to sit and be quiet, and continuing to work on compassion and nonattachment.
So, at this New Year 2008, I reaffirm my commitment to live my life consciously and deliberately, and to keep my cancer resolutions active--not to let the elapsed year make them fade.

And I am so excited that 2008 will finally bring the end of the GWB reign! ;^)

Happy New Year to everyone--health and joy to all.