Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Please respond to cancer coping survey!!

If you currently have breast cancer, or if you had it in the past, a student at USC would love to have you respond to an online survey regarding your experiences and coping style. This student is a senior conducting an honors thesis, and in the future she hopes to become a medical oncologist. Though she has already done research in a pathology lab on HER-2 treatments, this project is for her sociology major (she also double-majors in biology).

Please help this student and science. Her study is at


I'm done with Komen

No more Komen walks, Komen donations, or Komen-related advocacy for me.

You may love or hate Planned Parenthood, but we can all agree that breast cancer screening and services are good, right? That's the PP program whose Komen funding was halted.

Ideology doesn't help women with breast cancer. Science, research, screening, treatment, and funding help women with breast cancer. And there are lots of other advocacy groups that I can support instead.