Friday, August 07, 2009

Quick link

It's been forever since I've posted, I know. I have a long, long post weaving itself in my head, and sometime soon I'll actually write it down and post it. I'm still here, still doing well, no recurrence (knock wood! next checkup soon) and getting on with my post-cancer life.

But I just had to post this today. I saw a reference to it in the letters section of the NY Times. Many news media this week covered a story about cancer patients' not participating in research studies, and how that contributes to a slow pace in treatment discoveries and advances. There's been some good discussion of why this happens, but one letter-writer pointed out that a major impediment to participating in clinical trials is that they may be geographically distant from the patient, and it can be expensive and risky to travel to them.

Well, I had never before today realized that there's a group that arranges free flights on corporate jets for patients undergoing cancer treatment. It's called Corporate Angel Network, and its website is here. Of all the great "free" things I've heard of for cancer patients, this one makes me the happiest. I hope the cancer-blogging network can get the word around comprehensively, so that travel distance doesn't have to slow down advances in cancer treatment!