Thursday, November 29, 2007

Does this mean I can't keep staying up until 3am?

From today's CNN, an article on a research study that says working nights is a big risk factor for breast (and prostate) cancer. Yikes. My typical schedule is to work at my computer until 1am (on an early night) to 4am (on a late night), and then get up around 11. In the winter, I am definitely restricting my exposure to sunlight--on weekends I might sleep in until noon or later.

The article seems quite specific to nighttime work, but the principles identified should apply to me, even if I'm not in a workplace per se. I'll be checking out the original study and will let y'all know!


Anonymous said...

My reading of the article is that you could work in the dark, or stay up all night but not work, and you'd be fine. Moreover, the last 10 paragraphs suggest that it's alright to stay up all night, as long as you do it every night. And what about working with your eyes closed to keep out the light. All I'm saying is that before you do anything too drastic here, I think you should consider all reasonable alternatives. And you still look gorgeous in your photo below, even if it was taken at 4am.

anna jarzab said...

Dear Jenny,
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Sherry said...

You know, all these articles and things that point to what can cause breast cancer and so much of it is inconclusive or way off base. Is this one real? Maybe. All I know is...we were born with breasts...from's all just a roll of the dice.

OMG..what a way to introduce myself!! I found your blog through two other blogs and I've enjoyed reading here. I'm a 2 years and counting IDC survivor myself and if you feel like visiting, I'm at

I'll be back to visit I'm sure and your hair growth is looking good. It's amazing how it seems to go slowly at first and then "boom" it's like you never lost it!