Wednesday, May 14, 2008

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I have certainly been reticent lately. (That's reticent, not reluctant!) The blessing and the curse of being back to "normal life" is that I am mired in the quotidian tasks of work and errands. The good news is, we will be going on vacation in a couple of weeks, to Northern Italy, Slovenia, and Croatia. I am very excited. It'll be a 3-week trip, hitting lots of lovely places (Alps, Venice, seaside Istrian resorts...). And our house and dog won't be lonely, since there will be visitors throughout our time away, enjoying the beach life in our absence.

But I'm here for business, so let me get to it. The other day, NPR had a very interesting story about a new study (published in JAMA if you want to go get the actual study; full paper here, subscription required; the NPR audio is here) regarding diagnostic technologies. Apparently mammography plus ultrasound found 28% more tumors in women with dense breast tissue (like me!) than did mammography alone. That's a rather whopping increase, I think. The procedure was recommended (by the authors) primarily for women at high risk, rather than those undergoing routine screening. As someone who's already had breast cancer, some sources say that I am at high risk, so I will be talking to my doctor before my next annual mammogram!

And a second important story. Now people--does anyone out there really still not get it that we need to exercise? That we really, really need to? That all the rationalizations and justifications in the world do not prevent breast cancer, but that moving our butts even a little bit will start to help, and moving them a lot will really help? (Plus all those other benefits, like fitting into jeans.)

Anyway, now I hope that everyone with a daughter starts to make it a priority to be sure that she does not sit on her own butt, become a couch potato, shun PE (as I did!!), or otherwise grow up without learning that physical activity is a really fantastic part of life. If you can't do this for her enjoyment, then do it for her life. Another new study published this week found that adult breast cancer risk was substantially cut for women who had exercised as girls and teenagers. That's right--it's not enough to turn women loose to discover exercise once they're grown. We need to start them early, so that the next generation can have a better shot at avoiding induction into the Breast Cancer Club.

I hope all my friends, family, and kind readers will take this to heart for the young women-to-be whom they love!

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I found substance for my comment!

On the benefits of vitamin D:;_ylt=AmHvwROVYQafMh602H64m7Ks0NUE

Good thing you're at the beach so often. TYTB and ILYMTYLM!