Monday, February 09, 2009


I caught myself in some insanity this week.

Friday was my 42nd birthday. Around Friday, you could have found me gazing into a mirror, looking at the lines and wrinkles around my eyes and mouth that weren't there before chemo. You could, if you could see into my mind, have watched swirling thoughts of sadness and loss about getting older, losing skin elasticity...and resentment toward cancer, for how its treatment has hastened and deepened my "inevitable decline."

I'm not sure how this craziness took hold of me, but when I went out to the beach yesterday, on a tenuously lovely day sandwiched between days of rain, and ran and hit a ball and enjoyed playful banter with friends, the world righted. I remembered that I don't mind aging at all. I am thrilled to be aging, thrilled to be getting older. I'm especially thrilled to age, for as long as I can, in a strong and healthy body.

It sure beats the alternatives.

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Anonymous said...

Age up, clothing size down. IVPOY!