Friday, October 06, 2006

Light candles and hope this is for good!

Here's what Noah presented to me at 11:01 am, after I rang the ceremonial "done with treatment" bell at radiation oncology.


Heidi and Sarah Face The Day said...

My certificate to you would say: IASFPOYAHTIFCTAE!!!!!!! Have a fantastic day! The candles have been lit by us indeed and hope is had by us that this is indeed for good!

Upstater said...

Have been thinking of you all day. Thank the dear Lord that this nightmare is over and you are now a bona fide SURVIVOR!!!!!!

I agree with Noah's sentiment and you are right enjoy every day. You are indeed a rare and terrific person.


Anonymous said...

Excellent. Is there a magna cum laude seal/ribbon we can affix to it as well?

Congratulations to you both. i don't have the words to describe how happy i am for you. sigh.Love Dad

Anonymous said...

What a great, great day! You didn't just do it, you did it with grace and style. I remain in awe of the person that you are. You and Noah have remarkable strength.

labelga said...

Accidentally stumbled on this blog.
Congratulations from Brussels upon finishing the treatment. What a good thing to make a blog out of this, what a nice xample of bearing out reality. Be well.

rebecca flowers schamess said...

Noah that totally made me cry.