Tuesday, December 05, 2006

There and back again

Here's what I did on Sunday: I played a game of volleyball on the beach.

Doesn't seem like much, but I haven't played a game of volleyball since March. The twelfth, to be exact. The day before I had surgery.

Damn, it felt good. And I didn't even suck (much). My surgery arm--the one for which I have to be vigilant against lymphedema--got pink, but didn't swell. I stopped after one game, but next week I'll play two.


Even after going through it myself, it is really hard to fathom just how much chemo takes out of you. I remember struggling to walk up the stairs in our house: gripping the handrail, lifting each foot heavily onto a step and pausing to rest before continuing, feeling my legs quake as I asked them to work that hard. One day, Noah--seeing how bored and sad I was, and wanting to help--played cheerleader and tried hard to convince me to go see a movie. It sounded like the most exhausting idea ever; I couldn't imagine having to sit upright in the chair for that long, let alone make the trip to the theater. The other night, we went to see a movie and it was so feather-light; the farthest thing from exertion.

I look back and shake my head. It seems impossible that a movie was too exhausting even to try. And it happened to me. If anyone out there knows anyone going through chemo, please remember: the experience is really unimaginable. Some days there won't even be a movie. But if all goes well, in the future, there may be a volleyball game.


Anonymous said...

Jen played so well on Sunday, she was even better than before cancer. I'm not sure I understand why, but I swear it's true. She's going to be spiking with the best 7-footers out there come summer!

Heidi and Sarah Face The Day said...

How did you ever make it through our visit Jen and trip to San Fran!! Congratulations on your volleyball game! Keep up the good work! -S

Anonymous said...

Cool, I'm glad you're doing better.

Sean Spence said...

Hey Jen,

I want to wish you a happy holiday. Your blog means a lot to folks out there, and reaches a whole new group every day through SharingOurDays. I honestly believe that the time we take to communicate our lives is having a big effect on people around the world. You are making a difference.

All the best today and every day.

- sean

Sean Spence

Anonymous said...

You should blog.


Anonymous said...

Yo, why don't youse blog an' ....!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Noah, stop leaving comments on Jen's blog and attributing them to others! If you want Jen to blog, just ask her yourself and provide some proper encouragement. Geez...


Anonymous said...

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