Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Quick note

Yes, folks, I'm still here. I've been getting back to my life in a big way--which means work, work, work, writing, writing, writing. (Papers, not blog entries.) Sorry for the silence. The biggest reason is that I have to write an update on The Scare last month, and I just haven't been ready to do it. Soon, though.

Meanwhile--yesterday I had my second 3-month check (yay! I've been out of chemo for 6 months now!) and all was clear. Very good news, of course! I've lost another couple of pounds and am back to most of my physical activity and am really feeling great.

Of course, then, today all over the news is the sad notice that Molly Ivins has died of breast cancer. Dammit, that sucks. First of all, she was amazing and one of my heroes, even though I've apparently been pronouncing her name wrong all these years. Second, breast cancer. Gah. Just when I can start to think of it as innocuous again for a few minutes, it whacks someone fantastic way before her time. Stupid disease.

Anyway, I *am* here, and I'll write a real update (hair pics, too!) very soon. Really!


Heidi and Sarah Face The Day said...

Good to hear you Jen! - SRA

Anonymous said...

Yay, The Schmoopie! All hail The Schmoopie! Even living with you every day, I love to hear from you in this medium. TYTB!

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