Thursday, June 08, 2006

Feeling better

Just a quick note to say that finally, a week after chemo, I feel a bit better. Was able to leave the house for short jaunts on Monday and Tuesday; today I even went to school, to pick up some stuff at the office. That has become a noteworthy event! We got some new lounge chairs, so I can sit outside on a nice day (slathered in sunscreen, of course--chemo causes sun sensitivity). And as of Monday, I can eat with some normalcy again, too.

Over the weekend, my eating was really weird. One day, I could hardly stand drinking anything. I sent Noah to the store for apples and watermelon, then juiced the apples and made watermelon agua fresca. Those, I could drink. On Sunday, I couldn't manage to eat anything, but suddenly thought I might be able to stomach some potato salad. So Noah's off to Vons again (he is making lots of trips there--good thing it's only a few blocks away) and I managed about 1/3 of a package of that. It's quite an interesting diet. I usually love tropical iced tea, and now can barely stand the smell of it (or garlic--though that flavor is fine). All kinds of weird quirks.

Anyway, I have had enough energy since Monday to resume more normal activity, and each day has been a little better. Thank goodness next week is the last AC. At least I won't have the nausea to worry about after that. Meanwhile, I am enjoying being able to use my brain and my body for the next 5 days.


Anonymous said...

I love you so much and am thrilled that you're feeling better, though sorry that it all starts again next week. But I'll be there to do whatever I can to make it easier for you. You're almost halfway done! You're so brave and strong. I know this is a great test, but, as with all others, you'll pass with flying colors. TOGETHER, we'll get you through this. I wouldn't have it any other way. TYTB & ILYMTYLM!!!!!

lisa schamess said...

Hi Jen,

Boy am I glad to have this way to connect with you without disrupting your and Noah's lives. I have been thinking of you nonstop but not wanted to call.

You can be sure I will be a frequent reader. And yes, I agree that Terror Management Theory is a core explanation for all kinds of human activity, as you said "humans are motivated by a fundamental existential anxiety--basically, the fear of death. And all sorts of processes, both good and bad, might reflect the influence of this fear."

And as Albert Camus said,"Culture is the cry of men in face of their destiny."