Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Finished with AC!

Well, I am halfway done with chemo.


I had my last AC treatment yesterday, and since the next drug (Taxol) is not supposed to cause nausea, it is really a positive to make this transition. Not to mention that the number of remaining treatments will become smaller than the number completed--definitely good for the psyche.

When I reported on my tough experience last time, my oncologist decided to switch my pre-chemo anti-nausea drip to a new one called Aloxie (sp??). So far, that one seems to be working pretty well. Of course, it usually takes a day or two for misery to kick in, but I'm in less need of my nausea pills this time. Crossing fingers.

But seriously...halfway done. Finished with AC. Those are happy things.


Anonymous said...

IHFY as never before, and I'm only going to get more HFY as you wrap this crap (of the most useful variety, of course) up! Yea, The Schmoopie! All hail the Schmoopie!

Heidi and Sarah Face The Day said...

Sounds good! Got you some of your requested Lush stuff! Can't wait to deliver it. See you VERY SOON! IAHFYT!!!!!