Friday, September 01, 2006

Diet milestone!

Forgot to post about my 3-week check-in with the nutritional oncologist. I lost 10 pounds in my first 3 weeks! She and I were both very impressed--she kept saying "wow" as she looked at the numbers, and then as she went through my food diary. I felt like I was a little permissive in my interpretation of the diet at times (read: I cheated), but she felt I'd been very faithful to it. Yay.

So--a third of the way there in just 3 weeks. I'm sure the next 20 pounds will be tougher, but at least the goal is that much smaller now.

An interesting note--my nutritional oncologist, Rachel, is also the n.o. working with Sheryl Crow following her breast cancer. (Add that to my surgeon, who operated on Suzanne Somers--I don't think you can dodge the one-degree-of-celebrity-separation here.)

And finally, thanks and welcome to all the friends and family who have joined me, either doing my diet with me or giving up some kind of indulgence themselves. It is great to have the company and support! Let's all get healthy!!

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Heidi and Sarah Face The Day said...

Good going! Glad your diet is going along well and you are in good hands. It must feel great! Keep up the fine work! Post a photo of your shrinking self one of these days!