Saturday, September 23, 2006


Two days after my last post, I went to the urgent care clinic in Manhattan Beach, and was diagnosed with a bacterial infection and given amoxicillin. I had to cancel my MBA classes for the first time ever when I could barely speak or walk on Tuesday. And I still have most of my symptoms today, Sunday, two days into Week 3 of the cold.

We'll post new hair pictures soon, because there is visible progress--although again, it's 7 weeks after chemo, and I thought I'd have a lot more hair by this time. Eyebrows and eyelashes are coming back well, though they're still stubby. Basically, I am making forward progress, but it is very, very frustrating how slowly that progress occurs--and how many steps backward I have to take on the way. The cold is a prime example. It really sucks to get so sick when I expected to be healthier and healthier.

I've heard many people say that things get harder after treatment ends, before everything gets easier. That is starting to make a lot of sense to me. I am still 2 weeks from the real end of treatment, but I want my life back NOW, and it doesn't work that way. Argh.


Upstater said...

You are so brave but remember the saying that a watched pot never boils. It all takes time...........



Anonymous said...

hmmm.still an opportunity to learn? "Learn" what, I'm not sure but I'm totally confident that learn it you will! Remember the phone conversation in which you considered the possibility that, rather than complaining or railing against all of those uncomfortable, frightening, painful, terrorizing, and unwanted experiences, you had an opportunity to welcome them and embrace them to you for the meaning they might bring you. Maybe that's still an option? Regardless, let me add my voice to the chorus that wants to yell out, "Enough already! Let her be!" but then, I suspect that's OUR opportunity as well. I keep trying to practice that lesson, but i have to admit a very big part of me yearns to be able to comfort and protect you from all of this. Our arms are around you in love. Dad and Mark

Anonymous said...


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