Saturday, September 16, 2006

Quick update

Things are going OK. I've finished my 3rd week of radiation, if you don't count the one day off for Labor Day (which has to be made up later), so I'm halfway to the end of that treatment. Yay. So far I seem to be responding fine, at least in terms of side effects. I have a little bit of redness, not exactly like a sunburn, but like a little mild pinkness from the first day of summer sun after turning pale all winter. No real itching, which is a common source of trouble (scratching leads to faster skin degradation). I bought a couple of non-underwire bras, due to the edict of the rad onc, but one of them is actually more irritating than my underwires. And I've had some heavy-sleepiness kind of fatigue, which I can't be sure I should blame on radiation. It generally hits after a long day of teaching and meetings, and may just be because of that. So, in general I am doing fine with regard to radiation.

In other ways, though...not so good. I got a cold 9 days ago, immediately after a wonderful massage. Massages often stir up toxins in the body and you get flu-like symptoms, and this was really minor at first. I didn't have to take much downtime and was able to teach and attend to my duties all week. But two days ago, Noah came down with it in much more serious form, and then last night I was hit with a real whammy. My temperature shot up to 101.8, and the rad onc had said I must call my regular oncologist if it was over 101. So, at 11pm, I was calling the after-hours line at USC for the doc on call. His verdict: it's a viral infection, not what they worry about for chemo/post-chemo patients. I should hydrate and keep pounding the Tylenol/Advil. Fortunately, overnight the fever broke. But Noah and I are both feeling just lousy today. Lots of sleeping and moping, and not a lot of moving. He struggled out the door late last night to get us more symptomatic relief (Nyquil, etc.), but today we both seem unable to do much. Thanks go to his dad, who's in town and who dropped off lunch (which will probably also be dinner--it was big).

I think this is not cancer-related, and not even particularly compromised-immune-system- related. It's interesting to be just "normally" sick again--and hard to avoid letting it take on bigger meaning. The hardest part is that we are both laid low at once, which means neither of us can do the caretaking for the other. I just hope that we both recover quickly (for me, that my body is strong enough to do so). Like I said, our lives today are all about the sleep and hydration. Will let you know how it goes.


Heidi and Sarah Face The Day said...

Hope y’all feel better soon! Take care. SRA

Anonymous said...

Aaaaagh! that wasn't what i had in mind when we arranged for the massages! But if you can frame it from the perspective of accelerating the toxins from your body...Glad Dan was there to help out, I'm sure his lulnch/dinner was a big plus. Get well. stay well.

Love D&M